Focus on Obamacare, not single-payer pipe dreams

By The Editorial Board
USA TODAY, September 25, 2017

Our view: Bernie Sanders’ Medicare for all is an unwieldy manifesto

Providing a Medicare-like public option alongside private insurers in ACA exchanges is another idea worth trying, particularly in any counties that go down to one or zero sellers. Allowing people 55 and older to buy into Medicare at the actual cost to government is another option.

But now, even with the Graham-Cassidy measure on life support, is the wrong time for Democrats to be focusing on Berniecare.

Reader Poll: What do you think of our view?

27% – Strongly agree

30% – Agree

6% – Don’t know

17% – Disagree

21% – Strongly disagree

(113 votes as of 2:20 PM Eastern)…


Bernie Sanders: Time is ripe for Medicare for all

By Bernie Sanders
USA TODAY, September 25, 2017

Opposing view: Eliminate insurance industry profits and reduce waste

The truth is that the only reason we, among all major countries, do not have universal health care has everything to do with politics and greed.

Now is the time to tell members of Congress that their job is to protect the American people, not the insurance companies and the drug companies. Now is the time for Medicare for all.

Reader Poll: What do you think of Sen. Sanders’ commentary?

69% – Strongly agree

11% – Agree

4% – Don’t know

4% – Disagree

12% – Strongly disagree

(745 votes as of 2:20 PM Eastern)…

This poll is not scientific, but it is interesting. As of this posting, 80 percent agree with Bernie Sanders position on single payer, whereas 57 percent agree with the USA TODAY editorial board that we should focus on Medicare instead of single payer “pipe dreams.” But make of it what you will, as of the moment this is written, almost seven times as many readers elected to vote on Bernie’s Sanders’ commentary (745) as voted on the USA TODAY editorial (113). That netted 597 votes for Sanders’ position to 66 votes for The Editorial Board position.

There is certainly more passion behind the single payer movement than there is behind skipping single payer and focusing on Obamacare. Let’s turn that passion into action.

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