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By Katie Robbins, Organizer, New York Metro chapter On July 30th, the 48th Anniversary of Medicare, PNHP and Healthcare-NOW! NYC members hit the streets in Brooklyn to bring the message to Congress that it’s time to improve and expand our most beloved social insurance program to all. PNHP-NY Metro Board member, Dr. Sandy Turner, SNaHP […]

About 60 people rallied in front of Albany Medical Center under the banner, “Protect our health, not their wealth,” on March 20.


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Even as we marvel at the latest advances in medical technology in this country, a dire and unacceptable consequence of these changes is already in plain sight—the loss of the patient as person in the process of our fragmented and dysfunctional health care “system.” There are so many ways in which patients as persons get […]

By Paul Hochfeld and the Mad as Hell Doctors [Editor’s note: you can follow these updates on a daily basis at] California Road Trip, Day 9, Santa Barbara October 1, 2010 By all accounts, last evenings presentation in Santa Barbara was packed and powerful. The “local” speakers were superb. I wasn’t there. I rejoined […]

Time to divest from insurance companies?

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After hearing someone say that health care reform is the civil rights issue of this decade, I retrieved the 1966 speech on civil disobedience by Dr. Martin Luther King. The two strategies described were marches and boycotts. His marches were successful because large target populations could be found in cities like Chicago and Atlanta , and quickly reached through churches. The single-payer movement has not been able to find such concentrated populations. Our rallies in D.C. and the Mad Docs tour in 2009 did not produce numbers of sufficient size to command attention. Let’s consider boycotts.

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From Alice Faryna M.D.,
At a presentation to Concerned Ohio Retired Educators on March 17th, I used Paul Krugman’s recent article on the “death spiral” of for profit insurance industry to call on pension plans to divest from this industry. This is the latest financial bubble and is unsustainable. Private insurance is headed for the cliff. We should give it a push. We will take this proposal to State Teachers Retirement Board next.

On Monday, January 11th, over 1,000 people rallied for California Single Payer on the steps of the Sacramento Capitol building. Following the rally, 500 health professional students from over 20 different California campuses, and ten different professional programs held over 90 legislative meetings. Through their efforts, state single-payer gained at least 3 additional co-authorships and a fresh cohort of legislators and staffers were educated in the midst of a pessimistic national debate.

Dr. Robert Zarr: expand Medicare to everyone

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What Would FDR Do?

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I had some face time with Rahm Emmanuel two weeks ago at my friend Owen’s. (Owen’s brother-in-law is the former Chair of the Democratic National Committee.) Rahm said nothing surprising, but made his points. He had just finished David Kennedy’s 1999 book Freedom from Fear about WW II, the Depression, and, germane to this conversation, […]

News from Indianapolis, IN

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On December 3, Dr. Chris Stack joined a group of over 30 health care activists protested at the office of Sen. Evan Bayh.

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