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Court rules Ohio spouses are eligible for Medicaid By Jim ProvanceThe Blade, September 2, 2015 In a decision that could have far-reaching effects, a federal appeals court ruled Tuesday that Ohio must count an applicant’s spouse as a member of his family when determining eligibility for financial assistance to pay Medicare bills. A three-judge panel […]

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The Value of Socialized Medicine: The Impact of Universal Primary Healthcare Provision on Birth and Mortality Rates in Turkey By Resul Cesur, Pınar Mine Güneş, Erdal Tekin, and Aydogan Ulker NBER Working Paper 21510, National Bureau of Economic Research, August 2015 Abstract This paper examines the impact of universal, free, and easily accessible primary healthcare […]

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Larger Issuers, Larger Premium Increases: Health insurance issuer competition post-ACA By Eugene Wang and Grace Gee Technology Science (Harvard University), August 11, 2015 Abstract The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (ACA) has substantially reformed the health insurance industry in the United States by establishing health insurance marketplaces, also called health exchanges, to facilitate the […]

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Moody’s revises US not-for-profit healthcare outlook to stable from negative as cash flows increase Moody’s Investors Service, August 26, 2015 Moody’s Investors Service has revised the outlook for the US not-for-profit and public healthcare sector to stable from negative due to improvement across the industry’s fundamental business, financial and economic conditions. The outlook had been […]

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Quality Improvement: ‘Become Good At Cheating And You Never Need To Become Good At Anything Else’ By David Himmelstein and Steffie Woolhandler Health Affairs Blog, August 27, 2015 The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) has trumpeted the recent drop in hospital readmissions among Medicare patients as a major advance for patient safety. But […]

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Results from the 2015 Cal Wellness–Field Health Policy Survey – Part 1 By Mark DiCamillo, Director, The Field Poll The Field Poll, August 26, 2015 Increasing voter support for extending Medi-Cal to undocumented residents The current survey repeated a question first posed to California voters last year about whether the state’s Medi-Cal program should be […]

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Claxton and Levitt on the Cadillac plan tax

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How Many Employers Could be Affected by the Cadillac Plan Tax? By Gary Claxton and Larry Levitt Kaiser Family Foundation, August 25, 2015 As fall approaches, we can expect to hear more about how employers are adapting their health plans for 2016 open enrollments. One topic likely to garner a good deal of attention is […]

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New Program in Coachella Valley Seeks Affordability in Personalized Primary Care By Lauren McSherry California Healthline, August 24, 2015 Joseph Scherger, a primary care physician at Eisenhower Medical Center in Rancho Mirage, opened an email one morning earlier this month with an update on one of his patients who had recently suffered a heart attack. […]

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Financial Burden of Health Care Costs Among Insured: Kaiser Health Tracking Poll: August 2015 By Bianca DiJulio, Jamie Firth, and Mollyann Brodie Kaiser Family Foundation, August 20, 2013 Among insured:  Thinking about your own health care costs, which of the following do you find to be the greatest financial burden? 17%  The deductible you pay […]

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More than 2 Million Exchange Enrollees Forgo Cost-Sharing Assistance By Elizabeth Carpenter Avalere, August 19, 2015 A new Avalere analysis finds that more than 2 million exchange enrollees eligible for cost-sharing reductions (CSRs) are not receiving the subsidies because they have selected a non-qualifying plan. In addition to the more publicized tax credits that lower […]

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