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With the release of this fiscal analysis of SB 562 – The Healthy California Act – the expected loud protests to the high costs of a single payer system have been forthcoming, especially that the costs would exceed the California state budget and that raising the additional funds required through a 15% payroll tax would bankrupt businesses.

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So who really determines the nature and scope of the health care delivery system? Is it the doctors and nurses? They are busy trying to make the system we have work for their patients, and they are having difficulties with that.

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This study establishes a new landmark in health policy research. It provides a basis of determining how all nations are doing in reducing premature deaths by providing timely and effective health care, that is, in improving their “amenable mortality” rates.

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Health care legislation being shaped in secrecy

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Health policy is difficult enough for the public to understand without our politicians going behind closed doors to hash it out. As Jonathan Cohn states, “The deciding factor could be public reaction, but the public can’t react to a bill unless it gets a good look at it.”

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2017 Milliman Medical Index: $27,000

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Much attention is paid to premiums and deductibles of insurance plans in the United States. A much more important number is what we are actually paying for health care.

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Expansion of the Mexico City Policy

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Today’s topic is not on abortion per se, but rather it is on Donald Trump’s expansion of Ronald Reagan’s Mexico City Policy, which pertains to abortion, and the impact this will have on George W. Bush’s Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief (PEPFAR). So what are these programs?

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One of the prime drivers of the Affordable Care Act was the inherent flaws in the individual insurance market. As more people with expensive health care problems enrolled in the individual plans, premiums went up and the healthy dropped out, resulting in the “death spiral” of skyrocketing premiums.

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Medicare’s high out-of-pocket costs

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Although President Trump has said that he is going to leave Medicare alone, we have learned that he is not a reliable source for information about pending policy changes. The Republicans controlling Congress have indicated that they want to reduce projected spending on Medicare by privatizing it and switching to vouchers (premium support) in order to ratchet down the government’s contribution to the program.

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Political divide on AHCA

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This poll is being reported as showing that Americans oppose the Republican repeal and replace health care legislation (American Health Care Act) passed by the House of Representatives. It would be more accurate to state that Republicans and Democrats are divided in their support, but many remain undecided, especially amongst Independents.

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Medical debt and personal bankruptcy

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It is reassuring to learn that personal bankruptcies are declining, but we should not extrapolate the conclusion that the Affordable Care Act is responsible for largely eliminating the problem of medical debt. It is still very much with us.

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