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You know that there is something wrong with our health care financing system when you may have to pay more for your prescriptions when you use your insurance than you would if you simply paid cash.

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By comparing states that expanded the use of Medicaid with those that did not, it was possible to examine the merits in Medicaid versus ACA exchange plans for low-income adults.

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It’s not just health care

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Although our attention has been directed to ensuring health care for all in the United States, related social problems are quite prevalent as well. In a way, Silicon Valley represents an amplified microcosm of the problems in our nation.

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About that actuarial value

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The actuarial value of a health plan is the percentage of covered health care costs paid by the insurer, but for the entire population covered, not necessarily for the insured individual.

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The feminist case for single payer

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Feminists, male and female, should be leading the way on single payer reform.

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Talk about chutzpah. Speaker of the House Paul Ryan is going to reduce our nations’ debt by attacking Medicare and other social programs at the very time he is increasing the debt by reducing taxes on the very wealthy when the profound inequities in income and wealth instead mandate an increase in taxes on the wealthy.

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National Health Expenditures for 2016

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The overall findings are pretty much as expected. We have moved past the Great Recession. The increase in spending due to the surge in enrollment in Medicaid and in the ACA exchanges has now leveled off.

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Although this paper was written for California, most of the questions posed apply to any state that is considering enactment of a single payer system.

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Although other polls suggest that there is about 60 percent support for single payer, the wording of this Gallup poll indicates that the nation is split between its preference for a “government-run system” versus a “system based on private insurance.”

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When two for-profit mega-corporations merge, you can be sure that it is about the money, making more of it, much more. Although they may promise greater efficiency and lower costs through integration of services, the record so far suggests that such mergers provide greater market leverage and thus higher prices.

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