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In June of this year, the California Legislature passed and Gov. Jerry Brown signed AB 1810 – a bill that, amongst other measures, would establish the Council on Health Care Delivery Systems with instructions to develop a plan that would provide coverage and access through a unified financing system for all Californians, whatever that means.

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According to this survey, unexpected medical bills such as the surprise bills from out-of-network providers are the number one health cost problem that people worry about.

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Is the primary mission of the health care organization to serve the needs of patients, or is it to make a buck? It makes a difference.

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Previously much of our access to data on health care spending has been through government programs – Medicare and Medicaid. Data on commercial insurance spending, especially employer-sponsored plans, were hidden in a cloud of secrecy as proprietary information.

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Not only do Americans object to the high prices of prescription drugs, they also feel that the President and members of Congress have failed us in not doing more about it.

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In the quest to change from volume to value in health care financing, gimmicky models such as accountable care organizations are being implemented, but the lack of alignment between payers and providers has not achieved the goal of value-based care.

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In the big picture of health care in America, the following anecdote is quite trivial, but, as I’ll explain, the implications are of great consequence.

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The support for Medicare for all is solid

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Although this question asks about providing Medicare insurance coverage for all U.S. adults without mentioning children, nevertheless it still shows strong support for Medicare for all, including close to one-half of Republicans.

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The coverage of the uninsured has plateaued

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This definitive report on the health insurance status of U.S. residents provides an extensive breakdown of the statistics on insurance coverage, but the one highlight above pretty well summarizes the status.

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FDA Commissioner Scott Gottlieb represents the view of current and previous administrations when he says that we need to promote competition, as if the market will take care of it.

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