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There has been a greater recognition of the need for mental health services at the same time that it has become clear that private insurers are failing us in providing adequate access to mental health care for those in need.

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These topics must be a part of our national dialogue on the health of the public.

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The next time you are in a mood to spend six hours or so on reading a book or whatever, use the time to view this symposium instead. This is as fine of a symposium on issues of health care justice as you’ll ever witness.

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The United States of America – the land with very high childhood poverty and associated health inequity. How would that placard look at our Fourth of July celebrations?

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The potential merger between Partners HealthCare and Harvard Pilgrim Health Care is not just another routine merger and acquisition activity, but it is one occurring at the heart of the U.S. health care system.

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Arnold Relman warned us about the medical-industrial complex, but it is likely that even he did not realize how intense would be the disruptive innovation in health care that is beginning to take place.

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Accountable care organizations (ACOs) are the mainstay of CMS’s strategy to move health care financing away from paying for volume to paying for value instead.

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There is broad agreement that the two most important factors that lead to our egregiously high health care costs are our high prices and the profound administrative waste in our fragmented health care financing system. Paul Hewitt and Phillip Longman, in their long Washington Monthly article (long, but worth the read), make the case for rigid price regulation.

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Although building on our current fragmented health care financing system is the most expensive model of reform, it was understood from the beginning that the Affordable Care Act would fall far short of our goals of universality, comprehensiveness, and affordability.

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Fortunately most Americans are not dependent on crowdfunding or on Queen for a Day applause-o-meters to pay for health care, but in some ways these are symbolic of the humiliating dysfunctions inherent in our health care financing system.

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