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Are Medicaid work requirements legal?

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Medicaid was established to help low-income individuals receive the health care that they need. Section 1115 waivers were established to allow states to make modifications within the Medicaid program to better achieve that goal.

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BMJ: Failing health of the United States

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This editorial states that lack of universal health insurance is one cause of declining health and life expectancy in the United States, especially when contrasted with the superior performance of other OECD nations. But it is only one cause.

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Seema Verma’s policies can kill people

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CMS Administrator Seema Verma is critical of the Obama Administration because it used the Medicaid program to help low-income people receive the health care that they needed, just as the law requires.

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“The mission of United States of Care is to ensure that every single American has access to quality, affordable health care regardless of health status, social need, or income.” That can be accomplished by enacting a well designed single payer national health program.

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Germany has a multi-payer system for health care composed of competing, not-for-profit, nongovernmental health insurance funds (“sickness funds”) in the compulsory statutory health insurance (SHI) system, and those with higher incomes can choose private health insurance (PHI).

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This report quantifies a well-known, important fact about health care spending. Consistently, year after year, three-fifths of the top 5 percent of health care spenders are new arrivals, with a median health care spending rise of 800 percent from the previous year.

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Much of the history of health policy in the United States involves the application of policy concepts based on ideology rather than solid policy science. Policies are dreamed up and then executed broadly on a wish about what would happen rather than reliable predictions of what really will happen.

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Looking for technological advances to build on and tweak our current system will leave in place most of the flawed policies that result in very high costs with only mediocre performance.

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P4P should incite the policy community

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We are living through the generation of health policy research. By applying health policy science we should be able to improve the quality of health care while controlling costs. But what we are seeing instead is the widespread implementation of schemes without adequate evidence of their effectiveness.

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The headline in this morning’s online edition of The New York Times: “Amazon, Berkshire Hathaway and JPMorgan Team Up to Disrupt Health Care.” Disruption? Above is reproduced the actual full statement from Business Wire.

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