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Growing trend for bankruptcy for seniors

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The social safety net for older Americans built up during the last century is now showing alarming trends toward shifting greater financial risk to this population.

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Libertarian rationale for single payer

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These articles express the views of two libertarians who recognize the benefits of the single payer model of health care financing, though both would maintain a role for private insurance.

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David Himmelstein and Steffie Woolhandler, distinguished professors of health policy at the City University of New York at Hunter College and cofounders of PNHP, have provided the following brief critique of the RAND study.

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This RAND study provides us with yet one more credible analysis that shows that single payer is a valid concept demonstrating that we can expand coverage to include everyone while controlling health care spending.

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In discussions of the disappointing results of experiments with alternative payment models, especially accountable care organizations, frequently advocates of these models recommend continuing to tweak them and study them further.

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This and other analyses of Senator Bernie Sanders’ Medicare for All Act should not be considered definitive since the bill is not complete and there still is considerable disagreement on the specifics of the bill. The bill will certainly not become law in its present form.

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Reducing personal medical debt

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An important theme that runs throughout this article: “consumers could still incur a substantial amount of debt even under universal coverage, if such coverage required nontrivial cost sharing.”

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This speech was primarily the rhetorical spin that this administration has been spewing out – much conservative and libertarian ideology with a paucity of health policy recommendations that are largely ineffective and often detrimental.

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Taking health care reform to the election booth

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In the Kaiser poll over three-fourths say that a single government plan or Medicare-for-all should be considered or is very important or the single most important factor in the upcoming election.

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Locking patients out of Medigap plans

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Although most individuals are relieved when they are finally eligible for Medicare, the traditional program leaves them exposed to excessive out-of-pocket costs and so they often seek additional coverage.

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