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If we are truly serious about establishing an affordable system that would provide all necessary care for everyone, we have to seriously look at the Milliman Medical Index numbers. We are already spending an average of $15,609 for a family of four, with a typical family income of maybe $60,000. Those numbers no longer compute.

AMA's Heal that Claim Month

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The AMA has selected November as the first national Heal that Claim Month. The problems that this addresses must be fairly significant if they are going to declare a special month to address them; so what are these problems?

Yes we can

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Yes we can!

UK halts cancer drug penalty

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There have been many reports from the U.S. opponents of government health programs proclaiming that “life saving drugs are denied” for cancer patients in UK’s NHS. Generally, these are cancer drugs which had been evaluated by the National Institute of Health and Clinical Excellence (NICE) and found to have very little benefit, if any, especially when considering the high prices of these drugs.

Choices in coverage during open enrollment

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What health insurance coverage will you need next year? Do you determine that by taking an honest look at where health care dollars were spent in the previous year? You are healthy, your health care spending has been negligible, so do you opt for the least expensive plan?

AMA position on single payer

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Frequently asked questions about the AMA proposal for reform American Medical Association October 2008 Q: What are the basic principles of the AMA proposal? A: The American Medical Association (AMA) proposes that individuals and families receive financial assistance to purchase a health plan of their choice, with more generous assistance to those with lower incomes. […]

Medical tourism causes complications

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Previous studies have shown that one of the reasons that health care is so expensive in the United States is that, quite simply, our prices are very high. Since other nations have been demonstrated to be capable of selectively providing high quality care at much lower prices, it is not surprising that medical tourism has become an attractive option for those paying the bills, including cash-paying patients, some insurers and some employers.

The World Health Report 2008

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The World Health Report 2008 provides a critical assessment of health care systems throughout the world. It describes how all nations, regardless of national wealth, can benefit by enacting reforms organized around primary health care.

California's high-risk pool is sick

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The concept of health insurance is quite simple. When everyone pays into an insurance risk pool, the many who are healthy are subsidizing the higher costs of those with greater health care needs. Thus everyone receives whatever medical care they need without facing financial barriers to care.

U.S. rationing eliminated by hallway admissions

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The United States has 2.9 hospital beds per 1000 individuals. The median number of beds for OECD nations is 3.7 (OECD, 2002). Not only do we have fewer beds, the distribution is less even than in other nations with their more egalitarian systems. The supply of beds tends to be quite adequate in affluent regions, but is inadequate in other areas, especially those served by safety-net institutions.

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