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Real life medical debt bankruptcies

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Landmark studies have confirmed beyond any doubt that medical debt is a significant contributor to personal bankruptcy. Yet the opponents of comprehensive reform continue to challenge the data. In the report of John Goodman and his colleagues discussed in yesterday’s message, they stated, “Well-designed economic studies have found no statistical link between bankruptcies and health problems.”

John Goodman hides the rest of the story

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John Goodman says that he wants us to hear the rest of the story, but then he doesn’t tell it to us.

Tenet paid overtime hours by math, not money

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Although PNHP is most noted for its advocacy of a single payer national health program, we also oppose the perversities of for-profit health care corporations in which the primary responsibility of the board of directors is to their investors. Tenet Healthcare has provided us with innumerable examples of these perversities. A quick Google of the PNHP website, in a fraction of a second, produced these lines and many more.

Incrementalism: the crossroads of policy and politics.

Health insurance and eye care

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This study confirms that what we already know about the importance of insurance in improving access and utilization of health care also applies specifically to eye care. Individuals with insurance have higher rates of access and utilization of eye care than those who are uninsured and those have have interruptions of their insurance coverage.

President Bill Clinton on single payer

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Former President Bill Clinton makes two very important points here. (1) Single payer dramatically reduces administrative waste, and he implies that it would be popular, as is Medicare now. (2) The private insurers “make a lot of money through saying no,” and “we can’t go on basically giving them more and more dollars every year — the insurance industry — and getting people sicker and sicker and leaving more and more people behind.” Single payer is good; private insurers are bad.

Members of Physicians for a National Health Program (PNHP) and supporters of the Health Care for America Now! coalition (HCAN) are all passionately dedicated to the goal of achieving reform that will provide affordable, high quality care for everyone. We are bothers and sisters in the cause. The ultimate goals of both organizations are the same, but the strategies are quite different.

Bloomberg columnist on single payer

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Single payer should not only be back in the national dialogue on reform, it should be front and center as the golden standard by which all other options are compared.

A health insurance broker speaks up

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John Sinibaldi has provided a consistent voice behind the scenes expressing many of the problems with our private insurance industry and the clear need for reform. His observations have been very helpful to me in providing insight to many of these issues, from the industry’s perspective.

AHIP's phony epiphany

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In December, when America’s Health Insurance Plans (AHIP) released their new report indicating that they were fully committed to reform that would cover everyone, I responded in a Quote of the Day (12/4/08) with the following: “You could not possibly describe a proposal that would better serve the interests of the private insurance industry. They would create a standard of underinsurance, require all of us to purchase their products, and pretend to address affordability issues through tax credits.”

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