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Although other polls suggest that there is about 60 percent support for single payer, the wording of this Gallup poll indicates that the nation is split between its preference for a “government-run system” versus a “system based on private insurance.”

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When two for-profit mega-corporations merge, you can be sure that it is about the money, making more of it, much more. Although they may promise greater efficiency and lower costs through integration of services, the record so far suggests that such mergers provide greater market leverage and thus higher prices.

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We’ve heard it many times. To eliminate the deficit, first we have to stimulate the economy by reducing taxes (for the rich), and then we need to reduce the driver of our debt, Social Security and Medicare.

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Finkelstein and Einav on moral hazard

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What is the meaning of “moral hazard”? By a dictionary definition it sounds as if it is a source of danger emanating from wrong behavior. Whatever it is, it doesn’t sound good.

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When the Affordable Care Act was crafted, it was decided to leave employer-sponsored plans in place because that sector of health care coverage was working so well, so they said.

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An economist supports pragmatic reform

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Many supporters of the Affordable Care Act say that they do not believe that single payer is politically feasible and thus the pragmatic approach to reform is to continue to support ACA.

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There is general agreement that, in spite of a few beneficial policies contained in the Affordable Care Act, serious problems remain in our health care system and especially in its method of financing.

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Over one-fourth of all households with a $1500/$3000 deductible plan (average employer-sponsored plan) do not have enough liquid assets to pay their deductible and two-fifths of those with a $3000/$6000 deductible (modest high-deductible plan) cannot either, yet these plans have become fairly standard today.

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Beware the ‘Grand Bargain’ in health reform

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This is a “Grand Bargain”? Tweaking our highly dysfunctional, fragmented, administratively inefficient, overpriced, inequitable health care financing system?

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Since private Medicare Advantage plans initially were paid a flat capitation rate for each enrollee, they selectively marketed their plans to healthier Medicare beneficiaries and that was successful in increasing their profits since their patients were healthier than those enrolled in the traditional Medicare program.

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