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The insistence on charging prisoners who have essentially no income a co-pay for health care services is an example of how fixated our policymakers are on designing health care financing systems based on existing policies, no matter how flawed.

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It is an outrage that Trump administration officials contend that taking away health benefits from individuals who are unable to find qualifying employment is a policy that “may improve health outcomes.”

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Donald Trump, Alex Azar and Seema Verma just don’t get it. Everyone, expect for a few ideologues, agrees that the administration is mismanaging our nation’s health care policies. Obviously we need to change course.

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CMS is fixated on pushing the health care delivery system into accountable alternative payment models. The Comprehensive Primary Care Initiative is a study that has been going on for four years, and yet the improvements are negligible.

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Malleability of single payer support

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A single payer, improved Medicare for all program would be vastly superior to our current method of financing health care (even with the Affordable Care Act), and 64 percent of California adults favor “a single state government health plan.”

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This report confirms that the industry shifted over half of generic drugs out of the lowest tier into higher tiers wherein patient cost sharing is higher.

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The Affordable Care Act was supposed to make health care affordable for all Americans while protecting the segment of health care coverage that seemed to be working well – employer-sponsored health plans.

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California has done a phenomenal job in implementing the Affordable Care Act and has gone beyond the federal requirements in an effort to further expand coverage. Yet 1.2 million Californians who are eligible to purchase coverage on Covered California remain uninsured, mainly because of cost.

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The policy community remains obsessed with the concept of using competition to harness the power of the consumer in order to bring under control our high health care prices in the United States.

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Richard Painter’s lesson for us? It’s not about party. It’s about policy and ethics. It’s about the right thing to do.

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