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MedPAC will recommend repeal of MIPS

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Lost in the celebration two years ago over ending the highly flawed SGR method of updating Medicare payments was the fact that its replacement, the Merit-based Incentive Payment System (MIPS), would create an administrative nightmare while failing to achieve its goal of higher quality care at lower cost.

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There seems to be consensus that the Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP) should be renewed but there is considerable disagreement on how to pay for it. One proposal is to increase Medicare premiums for those with incomes over $500,000, making them pay the full Medicare Part B and D premiums with no contribution from the government.

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Taking a knee for single payer – a fantasy

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Pragmatism means getting smart. It means respecting our national symbols. It means not offending football fans by protesting injustice through the act of kneeling before the playing if the national anthem. It means “delaying internal fights (like single-payer health care).”

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Except for low-income individuals with heavily subsidized insurance, members of the work force are paying too much for their insurance, either directly or through forgone wages, and they are paying too much when they need to access health care, especially through high deductibles.

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Multispecialty consolidation drives prices up

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Advocates of consolidation in health care tell us that both horizontal and vertical integration improve efficiency and improve the services delivered, thus improving quality and reducing costs. The secret, they say, is to allow the markets to work. But what does this study tell us?

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Why do private insurers establish narrow provider networks? They claim that they contract for higher quality at lower costs, but quality has nothing to do with it.

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Atul Gawande: Is health care a right?

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Years ago, here in conservative Orange County, I learned not to ask audiences whether they believed health care is a right. The “tis so,” “tis not” that followed was not productive. Nevertheless, the question frequently came up during Q&A, with the same result.

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Because of an editorial glitch in a previous Los Angeles Times op-ed by Steve Tarzynski, there was some confusion over the relative positions of PNHP California and California Physicians Alliance on the goal of single payer. His followup message could not be more clear.

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How Anthem and Medicare control MRI prices

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Prices charged for MRI scans in hospitals and outpatient departments are higher than those charged in freestanding facilities. Both Medicare and the private, for-profit insurer Anthem are taking measures to correct this imbalance.

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USA TODAY: Obamacare or single payer?

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This poll is not scientific, but it is interesting. As of this posting, 80 percent agree with Bernie Sanders position on single payer, whereas 57 percent agree with the USA TODAY editorial board that we should focus on Medicare instead of single payer “pipe dreams.”

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