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Yesterday’s message discussed the failure of our conservative government stewards, past and present, to move forward with an effective plan that would establish much needed interoperability of the health care IT system throughout the nation. More needs to be said now.

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If we were to fulfill the dream of having immediate Internet access to any prior medical records throughout the nation, it was important that IT systems be interoperable.

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This brief memo from the White House seems to be authentic. It lists three policies that the administration says must be included as part of “Obamacare relief provisions” that Congress should pursue.

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Without waiting for Congress to act, the Trump administration is moving forward with policies to shift government health programs to the private sector. The conservatives have long desired to privatize Medicare through premium support (vouchers), and it appears that they have devised a deceptive means of sneaking it in through this Request for Information.

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Section 1115 Medicaid waivers allow states, with the approval of CMS, to establish demonstration projects that waive certain requirements of the Medicaid program as long as the objectives of the program are met. At the end of the waiver period, the results are to be formally evaluated.

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It has often been said that we cannot enact single payer Medicare for all until Americans agree that health care is a right. This survey shows that 94 percent of adults under 65 already agree that “all Americans should have the right to affordable health care.”

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The Kerner Commission 50 years later

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There was some good news following the release of the Kerner Commission report half a century ago and that was that the nation made gains in addressing some of the social injustices described in the report. The bad news is that we have since regressed and in some ways are worse off.

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We should have learned something from the history of health care reform in this nation since we now have by far the most expensive system but the least efficient considering our deficiencies in coverage, access, equity and affordability. So where are we headed?

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ACA exchange plans are under attack

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This Urban Institute analysis demonstrates once again that the Trump administration has been effective in reducing both the adequacy and prevalence of health insurance coverage.

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Important lessons from Canada

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This two part series on Canada’s health system, published in The Lancet, provides an excellent overview and update on their system. It is closest to the model that single payer advocates in the United States support.

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