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Although the reason often given for Gov. Peter Shumlin’s withdrawal of the single payer legislation for Vermont was that the taxes would be too high, there were other much more important reasons.

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E.J. Dionne’s inadvertent lesson for us

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This column by E.J. Dionne is important because it represents the current most prevalent view on health care reform, written by an intelligent, highly respected journalist with great credibility and uncompromising ethics. We need to listen to him.

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Although this is an interesting exercise, it might be more productive to look at these systems from the perspective of the major problems that we have and what features of other systems might ameliorate them.

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This is serious. In this study, not only did primary care primary care physicians spend almost half of their clinic hours on electronic health records (EHRs), outside of clinic hours they spent an average of an additional 7 hours and 51 minutes – the equivalent of an extra workday per week.

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Everyone included. Care based on need. Lower costs. No financial barriers to care. Better outcomes. Less administrative hassle. And greater pride than even for their ice hockey teams!

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Replacing America’s fractured, for-profit health system with improved Medicare for all would provide comprehensive care for everyone, help rein in skyrocketing health costs, and deliver better medical outcomes.

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This study confirms that the pharmaceutical firms are using inflated costs of bringing a product to market in order to gouge us. This cries out for government intervention.

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For our purposes, Sen. Elizabeth Warren’s message is not what is happening within the Democratic Party but rather that the recent surge in support for single-payer Medicare for all has originated within the grassroots and not from the political elites.

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When Max Baucus was leading the legislative process that resulted in the ACA, he refused to allow any formal consideration of single payer. In response, a group of notable single payer advocates – the Baucus 8 – protested at the Senate Finance Committee hearing that theoretically represented all views – except single payer, which was specifically excluded.

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Although the editorial board adheres to its conservative roots by dismissing the label, “Medicare for all,” it makes the case for abandoning our highly dysfunctional health care financing system and turning to models used successfully in other nations – universal systems in which governments play significant roles.

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