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Getting serious about single payer

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Getting serious about a single payer system By James F. Burdick The Baltimore Sun, May 1, 2014 A single payer system — where the government pays for health costs — is now recognized by many in the U.S. as the best solution for our health care problems. It was taken “off the table” in 2009 […]

Medicine and Money

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On Medicine and Money By Eli Y. Adashi, MD, MS JAMA Forum, April 30, 2014 As might have been anticipated, much of the media coverage of the release of the CMS data focused attention on health care professionals dubbed “Medicare millionaires” and their practice patterns. Tantalizing as such details might be, more profound issues were […]

P4P harms poor patients

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Health law’s pay policy is skewed, panel finds By Robert Pear The New York Times, April 28, 2014 Federal policies to reward high-quality health care are unfairly penalizing doctors and hospitals that treat large numbers of poor people, according to a new report commissioned by the Obama administration that recommends sweeping changes in payment policy. […]

Reinventing American Health Care: How the Affordable Care Act Will Improve our Terribly Complex, Blatantly Unjust, Outrageously Expensive, Grossly Inefficient, Error Prone System By Ezekiel J. Emanuel PublicAffairs There are 4 things the average physician can do. One is to begin the process of transformation to more efficient practice, knowing that payment changes that move […]

Policy Statement: High-Deductible Health Plans American Academy of Pediatrics PEDIATRICS, April 28, 2014 Abstract High-deductible health plans (HDHPs) are insurance policies with higher deductibles than conventional plans. The Medicare Prescription Drug Improvement and Modernization Act of 2003 linked many HDHPs with tax-advantaged spending accounts. The 2010 Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act continues to provide […]

Single payer in the next presidential term?

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Fox News Poll, April 13-15, 2014 14. I’m going to read a list of potential candidates for the 2016 Democratic nomination. Please tell me which one you would like to see as the Democratic presidential nominee. 69%  Hillary Clinton 14%  Joe Biden 6%  Elizabeth Warren 2%  Andrew Cuomo 1%  Martin O’Malley –   (Other) 4% […]

Reaping rewards for medical product innovation

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Gilead Profit Triples, Hepatitis C Drug Revenue Reaches $2.3B Fox Business, April 22, 2013 Gilead Sciences Inc (GILD), which ignited a fierce debate over prescription drug prices, said its new $1,000 hepatitis C pill generated quarterly sales of $2.27 billion, helping the company’s quarterly net profit nearly triple. http://www.foxbusiness.com/industries/2014/04/22/gilead-profit-triples-h… **** MIA In The War On […]

Health spending expected to accelerate again

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Acceleration Is Forecast for Spending on Health By Eduardo Porter The New York Times, April 22, 2014 The Affordable Care Act may well be on track to meeting its primary goal of providing coverage for most uninsured Americans and protecting everyone against the risk of losing their insurance. But for all its innovative proposals to […]

Outpatient Care Patterns and Organizational Accountability in Medicare By J. Michael McWilliams, MD, PhD; Michael E. Chernew, PhD; Jesse B. Dalton, MA; Bruce E. Landon, MD, MBA, MSS JAMA Internal Medicine, April 21, 2014 In this study of 145 organizations participating in the Medicare ACO programs, over one-third of beneficiaries attributed to an ACO in […]

Testing Theories of American Politics: Elites, Interest Groups, and Average Citizens By Martin Gilens and Benjamin I. Page Perspectives on Politics, April 9, 2014, forthcoming Fall 2014 Abstract Each of four theoretical traditions in the study of American politics – which can be characterized as theories of Majoritarian Electoral Democracy, Economic Elite Domination, and two […]

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