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Obamacare sells well in Trump states

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Over four-fifths of those enrolling in plans offered though the ACA exchanges come from states that supported Donald Trump in the presidential election after he campaigned on repealing Obamacare.

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US citizens worry most about health care

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This poll was taken in the first week of December – a time when there was intense coverage of tax legislation.

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This is yet one more study that shows that the taxpayers are paying the private Medicare Advantage plans too much – as the authors state, more than they would be paid if this were a truly competitive market.

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What role should evidence-based health policy play in the design of our system of health care financing? Before answering that, we need to decide what the goals are. Then we need to survey various policies that might achieve those goals.

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When President Obama rejected the single payer model of reform, he said that he did not want to disrupt the part of our system that was working well, especially the most prevalent coverage – private health plans.

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U.S. and European lessons on health care reform

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What can we learn from Europe about health care? That’s simple – solidarity, equity, and social responsibility.

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My message to Darrell Issa

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What does this message to my congressman have to do with single payer? We already have a major budget deficit. The congressional leadership has already indicated that spending on social programs, including Medicare, will have to be modified to reduce the deficit.

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You know that there is something wrong with our health care financing system when you may have to pay more for your prescriptions when you use your insurance than you would if you simply paid cash.

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By comparing states that expanded the use of Medicaid with those that did not, it was possible to examine the merits in Medicaid versus ACA exchange plans for low-income adults.

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It’s not just health care

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Although our attention has been directed to ensuring health care for all in the United States, related social problems are quite prevalent as well. In a way, Silicon Valley represents an amplified microcosm of the problems in our nation.

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