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The critical shortcoming of Porter and Lee’s Value Transformation process is that it reforms our dysfunctional delivery system without first reforming our dysfunctional financing system. There are no examples of any delivery system succeeding in the absence of a functional financing system.

In a recent commentary at the JAMA Forum titled “The Innovation vs Consumer Protection Tug-of-War in Health Policy,” health economist Austin Frakt reflects on the possible sacrifice of innovation created by a single payer, universal health care plan.

By Harvey Fernbach, M.D. “I just enrolled in Medicare. It took me 5 minutes. Single payer anyone?” – John Podesta, Twitter, Nov. 14, 2013 The delays, glitches, complexity and time involved in enrolling in Obamacare is in sharp contrast to a America’s largest and premiere government financed and privately delivered health insurance program — Medicare. […]

The GOP, led by Republican Study Committee Chair Steve Scalise of Louisiana, introduced their alternative to Obamacare last week, HR 3121. Calling the GOP proposal a “health” plan is like calling their recent attempt to cut $40 billion in funding for food stamps a “nutrition” program. The GOP has already been obstructing one of the […]

By Katie Robbins, Organizer, New York Metro chapter On July 30th, the 48th Anniversary of Medicare, PNHP and Healthcare-NOW! NYC members hit the streets in Brooklyn to bring the message to Congress that it’s time to improve and expand our most beloved social insurance program to all. PNHP-NY Metro Board member, Dr. Sandy Turner, SNaHP […]

We in PNHP often give the impression that the principal problem with America’s health care system is the extraordinary waste associated with its multi-payer private insurance system. However, any comparison of our spending with that of other countries reveals that this must be only part of the story.

Anthony Weiner, the former congressman and now candidate for mayor of New York, is gaining a lot of attention, but also creating a great deal of confusion, with his proposal for what he calls a “single-payer plan” for New York City.

Registered Nurses to the Rescue

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Registered Nurses to the Rescue Andrew D. Coates, MD, FACP Commentary WAMC Northeast Public Radio Mid-day Magazine 29 March 2013 In a small news article this week in the New York Times Nina Bernstein reported that a provision of the New York State budget to allow for-profit hospitals was been dropped after opposition from the […]

About 60 people rallied in front of Albany Medical Center under the banner, “Protect our health, not their wealth,” on March 20.

Kicking the can down the road

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That’s what you get when you kick the can down the road Northeast Public Radio commentary (WAMC and affiliates) March 22, 2013 Andrew D. Coates, MD, FACP “Kicking the can down the road” is an idiom that means to defer something crucial in hopes that the problem will become someone else’s responsibility. The other day […]

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