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All independent non-partisan analyses of the McCain health plan have shown that it will do very little if anything to reduce the number of uninsured people.  Indeed, when first announced, that was not even promoted by the McCain campaign as its purpose. Their ideological fixation is with the idea that costs are increasing because there […]

Over 5,000 US physicians have signed an Open Letter calling on the Presidential candidates and Congress to “stand up for the health of the American people and implement a non-profit, single payer national health insurance system.” The letter is being circulated by Physicians for a National Health Program, a single-payer advocacy group. Excerpts from the […]

Way off on health care reform

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You would think that John McCain would have gotten it right on his health care plan for the country, after his own experience with four malignant melanomas and multiple surgeries. You would think that experience would have inspired him to propose a plan that covers everyone, and do so affordably, both for the individual and […]

When September Ends

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Ten years ago this month I was new doctor, an intern doing primary care. It was a joy that fall to begin at an outstanding clinic in a rural village where I would learn to see both adults and children over the next 3 years. My first week at the clinic an elderly patient, a […]

In a Letter to the Editor of the Wall Street Journal just days ago, John Goodman, president of the conservative Dallas-based National Center for Policy Analysis, repeats this classic premise of Milton Friedman’s economic views:  “capitalism confers its greatest benefits on people at the bottom of the income ladder.  People at the top would have […]

Market theorists have been telling us for years that the competitive marketplace will keep prices under control, as well as fix problems of access and quality of health care.  This statement by senior fellows of the Hoover Institution in 2006 reflects market ideology which has framed health care policy for three decades: “Greater reliance on […]

This is what Republican nominee John McCain had to say about health care reform in his acceptance speech last night:  My health care plan will make it easier for more Americans to find and keep good health care insurance. His plan will force small businesses to cut jobs, reduce wages, and force families into a […]

As our health care “system” continues to fall apart in its crisis of access and affordability, new coalitions are popping up all around us, each espousing the urgent need for “ health care reform”. These are some of the bigger, more recent coalitions: Divided We Fail (includes AARP, the Business Round table, and the ServiceEmployees […]

An article that was providing some Texas focus to the recent Census Bureau report, shows the true homicidal insanity of Republican ideology and free-market fundementalism gone amok: “But the numbers are misleading, said John Goodman, president of the National Center for Policy Analysis, a right-leaning Dallas-based think tank. Mr. Goodman, who helped craft Sen. John McCain’s […]

Exercise our right to better health care

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I spend a lot of time talking with people about the potential benefits of a single-payer national health program. “Single- payer” health insurance refers to a single public plan in which the government would be the only insurer for all Americans, in contrast to the current system of multiple payers, which includes both the federal […]

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