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Are they listening?

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Originally published in the Berkshire Eagle As Tom Daschle, President-elect Obama’s choice for secretary of health and human services, flies across the country to attend community meetings on health care reform, and the Obama Web site solicits opinions and health care stories from citizens, those of us who support a single-payer national health insurance program […]

The Doctor’s Door

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“The Doctor’s Door” by Michael Merenda. Work in progress – unfinished and not released. Performed by Mike and Ruthy. The Doctor’s Door The Doctor’s Door by Michael Merenda In my youth I traveled Over land and sea I fell in love with a farmer’s daughter And she fell in love with me Before long we’d […]

Cui bono?

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The Los Angeles Times today quotes one of the founders of the Herndon Alliance: “There is a growing understanding that you have to give people choice and you can’t take away what they have,” said Ron Pollack, head of Families USA, an influential advocacy group for healthcare consumers that is working with a diverse collection […]

"Probably not a panacea"? Not even an placebo!

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Thank you, John Holahan and Linda Blumberg, for showing us that a public insurance plan cannot compete within, much less change the character of, the private health insurance market. by Andy Coates and Kip Sullivan A short paper by John Holahan and Linda Blumberg asks “Can a Public Insurance Plan Increase Competition and Lower the […]

A letter to our new president

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Dear President-elect Obama: As you prepare to begin your presidency during a period of severe recession, you will be searching to make financially sound decisions for our country. You have promised to reform the health care system, and only one solution will enable you to create an effective system and save money: a single-payer national […]

Marcia Angell on U.S. lessons for Canada

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Privatizing health care is not the answer: lessons from the United States By Marcia Angell, MD Canadian Medical Association CMAJ October 21, 2008 There are strong moves within Canada to make the Canadian health care system more like the US system by partially privatizing it. Those who favour this approach claim that the US system […]

It is now widely recognized that we are in a global recession of historic proportions, raising comparisons with the Great Depression of the 1930s. The failures of deregulated markets, whether in housing, banking or other industries, has become obvious to all. So far the private health insurance industry has not been called to account, but […]

Gov. Patrick = dooH niboR (that’s Robin Hood Backwards)

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As the recession (?depression) unfolds, the state’s financial crisis will surely deepen. Inevitably, further health budget cuts lie ahead. Unfortunately, the first round of cuts follows the same pattern pursued by the Patrick administration in the past: loudly declare your concern for the poor, while quietly shredding the health care safety net they depend on. […]

Dangerous plans – or ideological assertions?

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In “A Dangerous Plan for Health Care” Roger Hickey hopes that an advertisement in the New York Times might help rescue private health insurance from its own failings. But where does the danger really lie? With exuberance Hickey makes a strange assertion: that “the employer-based health care system” in the United States is “the one […]

All independent non-partisan analyses of the McCain health plan have shown that it will do very little if anything to reduce the number of uninsured people.  Indeed, when first announced, that was not even promoted by the McCain campaign as its purpose. Their ideological fixation is with the idea that costs are increasing because there […]

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