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Uncontrolled inflation of health care costs continues unimpeded as insurers, hospitals, drug companies, and others in the medical-industrial complex embrace expanded and subsidized new markets with minimal oversight. This problem is growing worse as insurers and hospitals consolidate, gain near-monopoly market shares, and raise their prices to what the traffic will bear. Meanwhile, the bureaucracy and cost of the ACA’s infrastructure continues to grow.

The annual “churn” rate among Medicare accountable care organization (ACO) doctors and assigned patients is enormous: It averages around one-third for both doctors and patients. Because of this constant doctor and patient turnover, ACOs lose the majority of their assigned patients over a five-year period. How is an ACO supposed to be held “accountable” for services given to such a rapidly changing panel of patients by such a rapidly changing roster of physicians?

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CMS’s latest ACO report is inscrutable

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Stuart Guterman’s characterization of CMS’s latest report on the Pioneer ACO program is accurate. It is impossible to explain the report’s findings.

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The Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) and the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) are violating a fundamental rule of science: They are soft-pedaling the disappointing financial results of the Pioneer ACO program and trumpeting the results of a simulation of the program.

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Physician burnout is finally drawing the attention of the mainstream media. But the media is failing to connect the problem to the takeover of medicine by large corporations and the usurpation of physician and patient decision-making authority by the managers of those corporations.

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If research continues to confirm that managed care cannot save money when it is applied indiscriminately across an entire population, and can only do so when it is applied to a tiny fraction of patients, that will not bode well for managed care.

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The MIPS composite score will be a meaningless number for three reasons: The attribution method will be grossly inaccurate, the risk-adjustment method will be grossly inaccurate, and the useless cost and quality scores these methods will produce will be mashed together by an arbitrary 70-30 weighting ratio.

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For nearly a half century now, the holy grail of the managed care movement has been the consolidation of the nation’s insurance companies, hospitals and clinics into large “Kaiser-like” entities.

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MedPAC’s job is to advise Congress on how to improve Medicare. It can’t do that if it continues to promote the double standard: evidence-based medicine for doctors and faith-based health policy for MedPAC.

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The ACA at Age Five: What Lessons Can We Draw?

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We can’t reform the delivery system without reforming the financing system.

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