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Some conservatives have suggested that Medicaid provides such little benefit that patients might do better with no insurance at all (Avik Roy, above). This totally ignores the fact that Medicaid removes financial barriers to health care and thus improves access.

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This study is important because it shows what impact private commercial health plans offered by employers are having on prices and utilization.

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This well documented analysis confirms that “implementation of the Affordable Care Act was associated with reduced out-of-pocket spending for US medical care, particularly among those with lower incomes, but not with reduced premiums.”

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Is Seema Verma violating her ethics pledge?

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CMS Administrator Seema Verma is ideologically driven to make health care an individual responsibility rather than a collective good in which we can all be ensured of health care access and affordability.

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Massachusetts lesson on instability of coverage

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We keep hearing that most people are pleased with their current health care coverage so we should reject the disruption that would be caused by changing to a single payer system.

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The way we pay for health care in the United States is egregiously regressive. In spite of ACA, “medical outlays reduced the median income of the poorest decile by 47.6% versus 2.7% for the wealthiest decile and pushed 7.013 million individuals into poverty.”

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Making health care payment rates the same for all payers, public and private, and establishing global budgets for hospitals seem like reasonable steps toward establishing a single payer system. So how has Maryland done so far with this program?

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According to this Gallup/Sharecare survey, in the past year the number of uninsured Americans increased from 10.9% to 12.2%, an increase of 3.2 million individuals.

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Seven years ago today, on the birthday of Martin Luther King Jr., Dr. Claudia Fegan delivered the following remarks to the Louisville (Ky.) Urban League.

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So now the U.S. health care system has passed manufacturing and retail as the largest employment sector. And the majority of the newer jobs are administrative and management, according to Derek Thompson (senior editor at The Atlantic).

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