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Although this NBER working paper by Nobel laureate Angus Deaton is quite wonkish it is an interesting analysis of self-assessment of current and anticipated future well-being under variables of age, sex, wealth, and nationality.

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Although there is a general recognition that short-term plans are more limited than plans regulated by the Affordable Care Act, this policy brief from Kaiser Family Foundation explains just how severe the deficiencies in coverage are.

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This Ipsos survey confirms that Americans are still very much concerned about health care costs. What is perhaps of more interest here is what people think we should do about it.

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This CMS notice is important. CMS is requesting public input on factors that should be considered in including a direct primary care model (DPC) in traditional FFS Medicare, Medicare Advantage, Medicaid, and CHIP.

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People who have conditions that require hospitalization frequently develop related problems after they are discharged from the hospital and then require readmission. Most of these readmissions are unavoidable.

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In this article, Sachin Jain presents the fallacy of consumer-directed health care, that somehow the patient has the desire to use their own expertise and control of their own funds to shop for the best care available and in doing so will improve the quality and reduce the costs of health care.

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The British National Health Service has established “personal health budgets” – personal allowances of NHS cash to “put power back into the hands of patients.” Their conservative government now intends to greatly expand the use of these accounts.

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The editorial staff of the Des Moines Register has long been a leader in advocating for health care justice, having supported repeatedly a single payer health care system for the United States.

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The concept of the accountable care organization is that a group of health care providers, working together, could provide more efficient, integrated care for which they are accountable, thus improving quality while reducing health care costs.

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The tax reductions enacted last December went primarily to the wealthy and their corporations. Since there has been considerable concern about the increase in drug prices that have made them unaffordable for far too many patients, it was hoped that the pharmaceutical industry would pass some of their tax windfall down to patients in the form of lower drug prices. No.

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