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For a couple of decades the concept of association health plans (AHPs) has been vigorously promoted by organizations such as the National Federation of Independent Business (NFIB).

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This Altarum study shows that half of the growth in spending in Medicaid and Medicare has been due to the increased enrollment in each of these programs.

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Health insurers are after your personal data

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It’s obvious that massive amounts of data are being collected on each one of us, and this data is being purchased by the private health insurance companies.

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It is refreshing to see The New York Times publish an article accurately describing the profound administrative waste that uniquely characterizes the health care financing system in the United States.

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The health coach is ready to see you

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For a health care system that is overpriced and underperforming, it seems that reform should be based on improving our allocation of higher quality essential health care services.

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A decade ago the individual health insurance market was in total disarray and thus was one of the primary motivators to enact the Affordable Care Act (ACA).

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You can access on the PNHP website a multitude of articles on why competing private Medicare Advantage plans and the financing of them through premium support are terrible ideas.

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Corporate medicine is about money – duh!

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Three quotes from these two articles say it all.

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One of the most serious policy defects of the U.S. health care financing system is that it is uniquely characterized by interruptions in health care coverage, yet we seem to take that for granted.

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U.S. opposes WHO breast feeding resolution

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It is almost beyond belief that United States delegates at the World Health Assembly of WHO opposed a resolution to “protect, promote and support breast-feeding.”

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