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AAFP Board promoting Medicare Advantage buy-in

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The inadequacies of the Affordable Care Act, followed by the failure of the Republicans to advance any semblance of a better health care system that they promised us, led a majority of Americans to support single payer reform.

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In this highly credible review of public opinion on health care reform, one crucial finding really stands out above all else: “the most important change over time was not the increase in public approval of the ACA, but rather the increase in overall support for universal coverage… that the federal government should ensure coverage for them.”

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The comment period for the proposed rule for CMS’s Quality Payment Program closes Monday, August 21. Thus you have this weekend to provide your input, or live with the consequences.

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Since Joshua Holland has had both the first and last word, this addendum is appropriate.

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KHN: Doctors Warm To Single-Payer Health Care

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As people learned about single payer and seemed to think it was a good idea, opponents started dragging out the old discredited arguments against the concept. More recently, health reform advocates who claim to be single payer supporters “in an ideal world” have been pushing pablum – incremental measures that fall far short of reform goals.

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This Merritt Hawkins survey adds to the accumulated data that shows that a majority of physicians support a single payer system – 56 percent in this survey, with a 42 percent plurality strongly so.

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Wading through this technical 56 page paper, the following understated observation may be the most important: “our results point to substantial challenges in getting to universal coverage via partially subsidized insurance programs like the ACA’s exchanges.”

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Health care professionals who are health reform activists can certainly identify with the plight of radiation oncologist Fumiko Chino. Not only did she face the almost unbearable tragedy of her husband’s lethal cancer, she has been left with overwhelming medical debt in spite of insurance coverage.

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Medi-Cal violates civil rights

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Many proclaim that the greatest success of the Affordable Care Act was the 30 percent increase in Medicaid enrollment – now 74 million individuals. But Medicaid is a chronically underfunded welfare program, critically so in states like California.

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Imagine the satisfaction it must bring to health care professionals to practice in an environment wherein you know that you are providing health care access to less fortunate individuals who might otherwise go without care.

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