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No surprises. The discussion draft of the Senate repeal and replace legislation reveals that the legislators would reverse some of the beneficial features of the Affordable Care Act (ACA), which we knew, but the most important measure is the deep reduction in Medicaid funding, allowing them to repeal the tax increases that have paid for the expanded benefits of ACA.

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Tomorrow the Republicans in the Senate are expected to release their proposal to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act. Although there will likely be some modest detrimental changes recommended for the individual market insurance exchanges, the largest impact will likely be in changes recommended for the Medicaid program. Today’s message explains why that would be a grievous mistake.

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Burden of prior authorization getting worse

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Prior authorization requirements have always been a pain, and now, according to this poll, they’re getting worse. Not only do they add to our profound administrative waste in health care, they also may interfere with patient care by delaying or even preventing the delivery of appropriate services.

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Even the insured line up for charity

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You really don’t need a long article like this to understand that our current health care financing system falls far short of preventing financial hardship for many with health care needs, insured or not, and that our various charitable resources hardly make a dent in the need.

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This study of ten high-income countries with universal coverage demonstrated that those with single payer systems spent less on prescription drugs than did those with multi-payer systems.

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Using automatic enrollment to cover everyone

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Looking at policy options in isolation can be informative, but, as this article by Lanhee Chen and James Capretta demonstrates, it is crucial to understand how the particular policy meshes with the entire package of health care reform.

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Once again we have a report that shows that physicians and medical students believe that health care is a human right that should be made available to all and that a single payer, improved Medicare for All is clearly the preferred model of reform.

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Health care is a gold mine for crowdfunding

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In spite of the Affordable Care Act, medical debt remains a major problem in the United States. It is no surprise that crowdfunding – soliciting donations over the Internet – has become a means of trying to fill the void resulting from being uninsured or under-insured.

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Arnold “Bud” Relman long ago famously warned us about the medical-industrial complex. His warnings have not been heeded. Too many in the industry focus on enterprise, markets, competition and profit when they should be focusing on patient service, access, equity and efficiency.

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A future for affordable health care

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It seems ridiculous that we need a reminder that the whole health care reform movement began because health care costs were too high, but apparently we do.

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